Bud Buster Pro®

The perfect consonance of plant physiology and fine chemistry.

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A Unique Product with a Targeted Approach

BudBusterPro…. ANOTHER fertilizer?

BudBusterPro is not really in the nutrient class. It does of course have a nutrient value of 1-1-20, however when you’re applying 3ml of concentrate in 8 oz water, it’s a pretty insignificant contribution! BudBusterPro is specifically designed to increase your bud yield 20-40%, and has NO plant growth regulators.

Its unique properties accelerate both the metabolism of your plants and efficiency of your nutrients. Exceptional results manifest themselves not only in more bud, but also robust growth with minimal chances of nutrient ‘lockout’.

Through multiple grows the formulation was modified and optimized for cannabis specific performance.

We spent a lot of time and effort concentrating our product. This process resulted in assuring maximum stability and shelf life as well as the best value for our growers. At 11.36 lbs per gallon, we doubt you will find an equivalent offering in the cannabis market.

Proven Safety Profile

It’s important for us to confirm and reinforce our claim that BudBusterPro contains NO OSHA regulated Hazardous materials (see our SDS on webpage) and certainly NO PGR’s ( Plant Growth Regulators).

wow_arizona completed a grow of his Blueberry, with one control and three treated plants… He was gracious enough to deliver a treated and non treated bud sample to Level One Labs in Flagstaff, AZ where the pesticide analysis was completed. PGR’s are categorized as ‘pesticides”. Two of the most common PGR’s misused in Cannabis are Paclobutrazol and Daminozid. You can see the results for yourself: Control and BudBusterPro treated. Proven cannabis safety profile.

We are proud of our formulation and determined to provide you with as much information as possible in making your product choice and assuring your success. Please view these downloads for detailed information. Thank you.

We try to provide all the grower relevant information possible. If you are considering using BudBusterPro, we highly suggest you read and understand the Product Information / Application guide while here.