Bud Buster Pro


All BudBusterPro shipments come with our product label, safety data sheet, and information/application guide. Below is a table detailing our recommended dilution rates for BudBusterPro for common sprayer sizes. For your first effort, we urge you to start with 8 ounces of diluted product which easily cover 8-10 plants!

Dilution Table
All dilution ratios are BudBusterPro/Purified Water
2mL/8oz 3mL/8oz 4mL/8oz 5mL/8oz 6mL/8oz
1mL/4oz 1.5mL/4oz 2mL/4oz 2.5mL/4oz 3mL/4oz
4mL/16oz 6mL/16oz 8mL/16oz 10mL/16oz 12mL/16oz
8mL/Quart 12mL/Quart 16mL/Quart 20mL/Quart 24mL/Quart
1oz/Gallon 1.5oz/Gallon 2oz/Gallon 2.5oz/Gallon 3oz/Gallon
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16oz, 4oz, 50oz, 1 Gallon, 2.5 Gallon


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