There is a insidious disease that all growers should be aware of! Identified as HpLVd (Hop Latent Viroid) and also known as ‘duding’.

The tremendous number of cannabis growers now breeding and propagating cannabis cultivars may be unwittingly spreading this viroid. It appears to be spread through mechanical means in pollen, seed, or clones cut from infected plants.

The viroid may remain latent in the plant and symptoms may not present until late veg and bloom stage. The symptoms may be confused with nutrient deficiencies or bad genetics. Infected plants may lead to 50% yield reductions!

A great source of information is available from Dark Heart Nursery in the following article

In addition, I would like to suggest this Youtube video presenting commercial growers and Dr Jeremy Warren (who was instrumental in identifying the viroid and developing the patented process to clean up infected varieties) talking about their experiences with the viroid! 

Please spread the word so that all cannabis growers can be aware of the problem and help mitigate it in the future!!!